Technical inspections and servicing,
repair of railway engines and carriages

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We have got a derail equipment and also
- hydraulic ramp 100 t
- lukasy
- mobile service centers

Railway Vehicles Service is one of the most developing businesses and offers
congeneric overhaul of the rolling stock not only in Poland but also in cross-border
cities in Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Our company has got essential infrastructure and is able to repair and do
technical overview of any railway engine.
We offer comprehensive services and railway maintenance. What is more we
repair freighters and carriages.
All our staff and inspectors are well- qualified and our service points are equipped
with the necessary materials and tools for effective execution of orders.

Repair and maintenance
Freight wagons
and personal
Repair and maintenance
diesel locomotives
and electric

Repair and maintenance of locomotives
combustion and electric

Since 2010, SERWIS POJAZDÓW KOLEJOWYCH has been making comprehensive repairs and periodic inspections of both diesel and electric locomotives in many places throughout the country. Its offer includes  service points equipped with the infrastructure necessary to perform periodic inspections and emergency repairs.

Highly qualified employees have the necessary equipment to execute orders throughout the whole country.

Service points also provide mobil services - in the place of failure.

Repair and maintenance of wagons
freight and personal

SERWIS POJAZDÓW KOLEJOWYCH has been providing repairs to current freight and passenger cars for many years.  Mobile service points are located in Poland. They are equipped with cars, thanks to which they can make repairs anywhere in the country and in border towns.

Specjslistyczny equipment, which our service personnel have, allows them to quickly and effectively remove the most we can quickly remove most of the defects appearing during the operation of railway cars, from floor welding, through the replacement of basic railcar elements such as screw couplings, draw gears, to the replacement of whole bogies and wheel sets.

We have many branches throughout Poland



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